“Welcome to your new life”

And so it begins. Day one of Makers Academy. I enter, early enough to look eager, but not early enough to look awkward. Some look confident, already standing around with a mug of tea or coffee. Some look nervous and stressed, wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into, or if they can survive the course. To

Leaving teaching

The start of the new school year has finally reared its ugly head. The summer has come to an end and teachers around the UK have been setting their alarms and preparing to go back to school. I, however, have not. Why leave a stable career? Many months ago I decided to leave teaching. Although

It’s all about time…

Again, this post is going to be related to time, and how much time teachers spend doing seemingly mundane tasks… In the lead up to the exams I’m trying to make sure my revision sessions with my Year 13s are targetted and efficient. In order to do this I am slowly working my way through

Why start a blog?

When I first started thinking about becoming a teacher, I was volunteering at the Isamilo International School in Mwanza, Tanzania. I had just finished a degree in Astrophysics and Literature. Like many young adults these days, I really hadn’t thought much further ahead than finishing my degree. I’d spent three years concentrating on my degree,